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Mitchell Rabin Interviews Ray Caamano on the i-CAP Release Meter, EEG Device for Stress Reduction

Monday, June 1, 7pm EST: Mitchell’s guest tonight is a man dedicated to making the world a better place. His gift is invention and guest Ray Caamano, has invented what is arguably the highest efficiency electric motor on the planet to date.  Currently, Ray has developed a “portable power plant” which allows people to be off the grid if they’d like and save thousands of dollars while have the steadiness and satisfaction of their own energy sources Today’s interview, a re-airing,  is on another subject dear to Ray’s heart which is that of consciousness and self-mastery, certainly of significant importance when it comes to creativity, dealing with emotional stress and overall stability.  The use of the i-CAP Release Meter is a wireless, gel-free, simple EEG device which tracks our brain wave activity/stress activity moment-to-moment.  This is the subject of today’s show, shot in a monastery in Malibu, CA. Mitchell and Ray are colleagues and old friends who have been active in each other’s work and collaborating since 2006..  Currently, they are collaborating on the portable power plant.  For more information, call 212 420-0800 or

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