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Mitchell Rabin Interviews Larry Crane on The Release Technique

Monday, June 15, 7pm EST: Mitchell’s guest tonight is Larry Crane, formerly a student of the legendary Lester Levenson. Larry was a long time student of Lester Levenson, an engineer and originator of The Sedona Method, also known as The Release Technique, and who has often been referred to as an enlightened being.  As was Hale Dwoskin, Larry was mentored by Lester who helped both mature in their understanding and practice of the process of “letting go”. In this interview, you will learn more about the Release Technique and see a demonstration of the ICAP Release Meter, a gel-free, wireless, simplified EEG device used for releasing stress and cultivating self-mastery.  Tune in to this re-airing of this exciting and fun interview with profound implications.

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