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A Better World Radio & TV shows address the subjects of  human potential, translating ideals into action, mind over body (inner ecology) along  with exploration of cutting-edge technologies for spiritual growth and evolution.

Subjects also address cutting edge technologies and thinking to address the serious issues of environmental degradation as well as societal, exploring creative solutions to re-establishing balance, priorities, humane values and harmony in daily living. Exploration of ancient wisdom wedded with modern intelligence as a means of creating balance is key to A Better World’s cosmological, integrative perspective and values.

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Mitchell Rabin Interviews the Resslers on Spiritual Capitalism

Monday, April 27, 7 pm EDT:  We are re-airing an interview with the authors of Spiritual Capitalism, Monika & Peter An increasing number of people are becoming inspired ...
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Mitchell Rabin Interviews Hale Dwoskin on The Sedona Method

Mon., April 13, 2020, 7pm:  Mitchell’s guest this evening is Hale Dwoskin, founder of The Sedona Method with his mentor, Lester Levenson. Hale is the New ...
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Mitchell Rabin Interviews Former Mayor & Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson

Mitchell’s guest this evening is humanitarian & environmentalist, former Mayor of Salt Lake City and Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson. During his two terms as Mayor of ...
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