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A Better World Promotions & Communications is here to support, promote, brand and communicate the message you want to get across. We’ll gladly help you formulate the values & purpose behind your enterprise or org., and help get that out to the world.

About Us | A Better World

Mitchell Rabin has a background in psychology, stress management, writing, holistic thinking and is consultant to CEOs of social enterprise companies designed to help improve & create a better world.

Mitchell is Founder & CEO of A Better World Foundation Unlimited Inc. & A Better World Media, Promotions & Communications. Mitchell brings a fresh, creative & thoughtful approach to help you & your org. make a difference in the world.

Mitchell has been the MC of international conferences, panel moderator including at the U.N. & is a motivational speaker people have enjoyed in niches around the world.  He has been host & producer of A Better World Radio & TV since 1993.

Mitchell serves on several Boards, non-profit, corporate,  and an NGO, is on numerous Advisory Boards and a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, an international org. about evolutionary change.

We want to sit down with you or Zoom in with you to discuss your needs, aspirations or issues and how we can be of service to you in each of them.

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