Say Goodbye to a Distracted Mind

The inHarmony cushion uses sound and vibration to help you meditate longer & deeper than ever before.

“There are a handful of key areas – including depression, chronic pain, and anxiety – in which well-designed, well-run studies have shown benefits for patients engaging in a mindfulness meditation program.”

The Harvard Gazette

“Meditation directly affects the function and structure of the brain, changing it in ways that appear to increase attention span, sharpen focus and improve memory.”

Time Magazine

Biohacking Meditation to Optimize Your Mental Health

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

This relief lets you go about everyday as your best self. Find that peace of mind that lets you be you.

Relieve Muscle Tension & Chronic Pain:

inHarmony helps alleviate sore muscles and can help with chronic pain, making inHarmony a great solution for post-workout soreness or recurring injury.

Improved Sleep & Mood:

inHarmony enables you to achieve a more full and peaceful rest. No more tossing and turning, relax and slip into a sound slumber.

Increased Focus & Mental Clarity:

Clearing your mind and controlling your thoughts through meditation adds to your power over your own mind.

Sound Lounge


Fully Immersive Meditative Experience you deserve to feel for yourself

inHarmony uses Patent-Pending, Vibro-Tactile Stimulation and Vibro-Acoustic Technology to induce a deep meditative state. A series of powerful speakers and drivers built into the cushion deliver frequencies that reverberate through your entire body — Connect with yourself and let go of your stress.


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