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Mitchell Rabin Interviews Dr. Glen Martin on the Federation of the Earth Constitution

Most people aren’t aware of an alternative that was proposed to the United Nations which was never implemented, one that did not bias power into the hands of the few (Security Council) but was actually equitable across the globe. 

Mitchell’s guest, Glen T. Martin, Ph.D., has been one of the major advocates of the World Constitution & Parliament Association (WCPA) which has also proposed the Constitution for the Federation of the Earth in which the Earth, as a living being, has a voice.

Glen T. Martin, Ph.D., is Professor of Philosophy at Radford University in Virginia, USA. He is the founder and Chair Emeritus of the Program in Peace Studies at Radford University. He is President of International Philosophers for Peace (IPPNO) and President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), a worldwide organization that sponsors the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  He has traveled and lectured worldwide on behalf of the Earth Constitution and the philosophical foundations of emerging world law, as well as on behalf of WCPA projects such as sessions of the Provisional World Parliament and the development of a World Court system. He has helped organize and participated in every session of the Provisional World Parliament in different cities around the world from the 4th session in 1996 to the 14th session in 2015.

Since his college years in the 1960s and 70s, Martin has been an outspoken critic of war, imperialism, and global injustice. Since 1995, he has actively worked with WCPA in the attempt to transform our unjust and unworkable world system from a system of violence, war, and private accumulation of profit for the rich to a system organized around peace, justice, and sustainability. In this effort, he has traveled to many countries, especially in Latin America, Africa, and South Asia, meeting with ordinary people, often as chapters of WCPA, to reveal the links between local problems like poverty, gender inequality, and political corruption and a broken world system that is fundamentally responsible for these problems. He has encouraged people worldwide to connect grassroots activism for peace and justice with ratification of a holistic global framework for supporting peace and justice in the form of the Earth Constitution.

Martin has received several international peace awards, including the GUSI Peace Prize International in Manila, Philippines, 2013. He has published hundreds of articles in popular as well as academic venues. He is author or editor of eleven books, including his well-known book, Millennium Dawn: the Philosophy of Planetary Crisis and Human Liberation (2005) and his latest book, Global Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence: The Power of the Future for Planetary Transformation (2018). WCPA websites include and  Martin’s blog can be found at

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