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Mitchell Rabin Interviews Peruvian Shaman Jorge Hachumak: the Disappearing Amazon Rainforest

Monday, June 29,, 7pm EST:  In this rare interview, Mitchell speaks with a medicine man from Peru. Shaman Jorge Hachumak  speaks of his work and unique way of helping people with the help of the sacred plants, and energetic work. He shares his knowledge.

Jorge works with small groups of people a few times a year at facility in the heart of the Amazon basin where people can take the sacred plants if they wish. Or just attend energetic exercise classes, jungle exploration and group work to deepen understanding.

Hachumak is currently engaged in a time-sensitive project, buying land in the Amazon Rainforest to protect it from encroaching, polluting and exploitative companies.

If you would like to contribute and be part of protecting one of the lungs of the planet,, please donate at::

For more on Jorge’s work:

Increasingly, modern medicine is recognizing the therapeutic value of psychotropic medicine from sacred plants such as peyote, ayahuasca, mescalin, marijuana, DMT and LSD. The work with these master plants becomes all the more valuable as a result of the understanding Jorge”s brings to those who are able to work with him.

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